Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Repair is Noble, Try a Fix-It Clinic

I still get the paper on Sundays. Once in a while I'll come across an article that is worth sharing. This last week, in the variety section of the Star Tribune newspaper, I came across an article titled: "Avid recycler is the spark behind fix-it clinics." Subtitle: "Lamp won't light? Vacuum won't vac? Talk to Nancy Lo, lauded for her Fix-It clinics." (by Kim Ode) I was intrigued.

Basically, this gal is spreading the motto "repair is noble." Her love of recycling and being a resource for people developed into these Fix-It clinics. The clinics are run by volunteers. People who have something to fix, like you or I, can go to a location nearby and get guidance on how to fix something. Pretty cool right? I think so.

One of my mottos is: "Nice things take time." My grandmother always said this. Organizing takes time. Running and maintaining a house takes time. Fixing things is no different. So, it sounds like a great option if you are willing to put in some time and possibly save some money on buying new. It's also much greener than potentially throwing out something that may just need to be re-wired or adjusted with a new part.

While I usually encourage people to not hold on to things that don't work, just because...this is an alternative resource to consider. Plus donating something that doesn't work just doesn't seem right. I like the idea of a Fix-It clinic, to fix your stuff, and see if in fact it can have a new life with a little attention.

So, got a broken toaster, lamp, record player, iPod, toys or even clothing collecting dust? Type "fix-it clinics" in the search field at View a list of upcoming clinics, a list of common things they've helped people fix, what to bring or how to get involved as a volunteer.

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