Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The First Steps to Organizing with Smiling Spaces

I've been helping people get organized in the Twin Cities area and surrounding suburbs since 2009. I've got my process down and know what works for both me and my clients to make the most of the time we spend together. If you're considering getting help organizing with little ol' me of Smiling Spaces, here's how to get started:
It all starts with...
Phone Consult (up to 30 Minutes) FREE chat with Andrea
Payphone, Land-line or Mobile.. You pick. The ol' Fashion Telephone Talk is First.

Before I go to anyone's home to help them organize we must talk by the old fashion phone first. Yup. No lengthy emails, texts or casual conversations about it. I offer a highly focused (up to) 30 minute phone consultation to assess your needs and goals. Just you and me talking about organizing your stuff. This is a time when you get my undivided attention. Not only do I get more information from you, but you can get more information from me before I even see your space. Ask away! I always make sure to give immediate tips whenever I can. There is never any obligation to book an in-home assessment or organizing session to follow. I simply want to make sure it is a good fit for both of us to move forward and that I have some information up front before I come on over. Sound good? Visit my website to fill out my contact form to get a time scheduled. (It's Complimentary) If you've already spoken to me, read on.


Have at least 90 minutes on a Tues/Wed/Thurs?
Live in the Twin Cities Metro or surrounding suburbs?

Are you considering investing time to improve your home or home office?
Ready to figure out how to make organizing goals actually happen?

In-Home Assessment (minimum 90 minutes) *Includes Action Plan to keep*
Your Ready to Meet at Your House. I'm Ready to Get to Work!

We've spoken by phone and have decided to get out our calendars to schedule a time to meet. I always start out new clients with an In-Home Assessment. This can be quick if you want to do hands-on work that day too, or more lengthy if you just want tons of ideas and an action plan to run with. But I have a minimum of 90 minutes to come out to your house either way. It's a time for you to give me a mini or grand tour of your home, the spaces and how you use them or would like to use them. I ask a lot of questions and offer many tips along the way as questions come up. We may move one or two things during the actual assessment, but generally it's mostly talking, asking and answering questions and me taking notes. Once I've seen each room, we re-group and I hand-write an action plan for organizing your home as a whole. I also list spaces of higher priority we've identified and steps we'd take to complete the project space by space. You may have spoken to me about one specific room you want to focus on and I'd give more details about solutions for that area. I help you clarify organizing goals, may suggest organizing products or stores to shop, or will point out things you already own that could work differently. The goal always being to make things better in how they function, look, and make you feel. We discuss next steps, how long a particular project might take and what time frame and days will work best to do it. If we've budgeted time to do hands-on work that same day as well (have scheduled a minimum of 3 hours to meet) we may dig right in after the assessment and start organizing. If we only scheduled an assessment (minimum 90 minutes), we may schedule a following session to start up the plan together. Either way, I leave the action plan I write up with you. Some people hire me for all of the steps, some for parts, and others will take it and run with the ideas. Up to you. Sound like a good idea? Let me know when you're ready to start. At your service when you need me. Visit my website for my Rates & Packages.

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