Tuesday, June 2, 2015

AnyList App for Organizing

I love the App AnyList for organizing! A basic account is free and it's easy to use. All you need is an iPhone or iPod touch. I use it on my iPhone.

Download AnyList Here.

Make as many lists as you want.
I use it for keeping track of  to dos, groceries we need, and keeping a packing list for travel I can reuse whenever I need it. I also find it super handy for an on going wish list for things I'd like.

Make lists Private or Shared.
A cool feature is that you can either keep the lists private or share them. I keep my to do list private for instance, but share the grocery list with my husband. That way he can add items he needs or wants when he thinks of it and we can both see it. Of course, I make my "wish list" a shared list too to make it easy for him to shop for things for our anniversary, my birthday or Christmas.

Color Code or Categorize.
A nice feature is that you can change the color of lists. For instance, my private lists are in one color and my shared lists are in another. The grocery list allows you to have categories like produce, beverages, dairy, frozen foods, deli, household and cleaning, etc.

Mark when you've completed something, Delete, Hide Completed, or Reuse a list.
The app allows you to touch any item and make a red slash mark through it to either show you've completed a task or no longer need an item. You can also swipe sideways to delete anything. I love that you can hide the completed or show completed items as well. This comes in handy for the grocery or packing list that I reuse often.

Do you have a favorite app for organizing? Leave a comment to share.

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