Friday, March 13, 2015

3 Mini Organizing Makeovers: Fridge, Pantry, Vanity

Thinking about organizing a whole house can be overwhelming, even for someone like myself who really loves to organize. I have clients that I work with on a consistent basis to help them "chip away at it" as we oftentimes put it. A lot of times it comes down to pacing, having a plan, and sticking to it. But sometimes you just want something to be done, and quickly!

Feeling inspired to continue improving my own home organizing projects, but a little burned out from my last hall closet project (see previous post: Here) I needed a little break. 

If you can call this a break at all.... this past month I picked a few spots that needed just a mini makeover. So, some before and afters of three new Smiling Spaces for your enjoyment...

Fridge Dry Erase Board

Dry Erase Board Before
Problem: (Before Right)
The dry erase board was tired looking, and probably more appropriate for a college dorm room mini fridge and roommate notes than my un-inspired list of family meal ideas. It was always slipping down as the magnets never seemed to grip the fridge door properly.

Solution: (After Below)
I bought a new dry erase board that fits my style and "season" of life right now! I like the cleaner look of the stainless steel, and it came with a dry erase marker with it's own magnet. It also has a super strong gripping magnet that keeps it in place on the fridge. Much more inspiring!
Dry Erase Board After

Pantry Snack Shelf

Snack Shelf Before
Problem: (Before Left)
We had a designated Snack Shelf, but didn't want to invest in installing pullout shelves at this time. Although I had re-purposed an old ice bucket to keep random granola bars and trail mixes, it was always slightly too small.

Solution: (After Below)
I found a slightly wider container with a handle that fits more snacks and is easier to pull in and out. I stacked other round nut canisters on top of one another so it saves space and we can see our selections.

Snack Shelf After

Vanity Organizer

Vanity Organizer Before
Problem: (Before Right)
I used to love this vintage lipstick holder with mirror tray I found years ago. I still really like it, but sometimes things I want to store on it tip over or don't fit. I've also been in the mood for upgrading things around the house to have a more modern design.

Solution: (After Below)
I got a clear makeup organizer that has a variety of square compartments for different sizes of tubes, bottles, and lipsticks and chapsticks. I love it for q-tips, my tweezers, scissors, and clippers. It even fits a tall spray bottle and my ring holder I got when I was probably 15 years old. Still keeping that for a bit. :) Result here: a cleaner, more "me" look complete.
Vanity Organizer After

With 3 Mini Organizing Makeovers done, I feel like I have more energy to tackle a bigger project again. Small changes can make a big difference. Sometimes it's as simple as finding out what those small areas are that need some tweaking, and then making a point to fix 'em.

Let me know which Smiling Space you like best by leaving a comment below.

(All products are from The Container Store. I was not paid to use them or share this information.)

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