Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Essential Documents to include in your FireSafe

Every household should have a firesafe (period). It's not just for people with money or oodles of jewels like the Queen of England might have guarded by fancy men in furry hats and crisp red uniforms. If you have a birth certificate and/or a social security number, which I'm guessing you do, then yup, you qualify as an owner of such a tool.

FireSafe Owners Manual 101:
I recommend the size that fits hanging file folders inside so you can not only keep essential documents organized, but categorize them accordingly. I personally like the style SentrySafe makes. I got mine from Target with some wedding gift money after my husband and I got married. While that was over eight years ago now, and we've never had to put it to test in a fire, it sure has made storing essential documents simple. We put things like birth certificates, social security cards, our marriage license, passports and important numbers and contacts in case a wallet or purse get stolen inside. I've gradually added things as the years have gone by. Here are a few other tips to consider.

  • Keep the firesafe where it's convenient enough for you to get to, but not in a commonly used area. A corner of your home office, a spare closet in a guest room, or cleared out area of your basement are all options.
  • Keep it locked and store the key somewhere safe. It won't work in a fire unless it is locked. 
  • Don't over stuff it. Buy a safe that is big enough for what you want to contain in it. Gather your essential documents first to assess the size you will need. 

For a great checklist on what to include in your firesafe:

Go to:
Download: The FireProof FileBox Checklist (under the "Wealth Manager" section)

Now start gathering up your papers. No time to waste. Check 'em off one at a time.

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