Tuesday, September 9, 2014

2 Questions to Ask Before Downsizing Your Home

Ever want to just pick up and move? It may seem like that could fix certain problems, but in reality many times it won't. It might even create new ones. Maintaining a home and managing possessions is a lot work if we don't stay on top of it. Our stuff tends to follow us or stay with us no matter if we have moved five times or have been living somewhere 20 plus years. This means we still have to deal with it if we wish to live a simpler, less chaotic life. Not everyone wants to move or can move either. Sometimes we just have to stay where we are at and make the most of it. It can help to change our attitude about where we live by getting a fresh perspective.

I specialize in making the spaces that you currently have work better for you now. Working with people who are curious about downsizing but not sure how to get started is a growing trend I encounter. When people have a lot of years of accumulation it's my job to help bring energy and focus to making a plan and digging in. Like a lot of things, getting started can be the hardest part. 

Considering Downsizing Your Home? 

Ask yourself these two questions first:

1) If there were only 10 minutes to grab items from your home, what would it be? Perhaps it's things you use everyday that make life function or items that make you really happy. As a new mom, the first thought that comes to mind for me is the coffee pot. But I've also got some family videos and wedding pictures that are super important to me. What about you?

Start Here: Make a short list of the items in your house that you absolutely cannot live without.

2) Do you have the same lifestyle as you did before? What does a current day or week look like for you? Consider what you are into now, and what you may no longer be so into. My life has changed a lot since having a baby. My clothes are different and I spend less time at my desk and more time on the floor playing with my son. I definitely see things differently down at his level. I also notice that my priorities have changed and I care less about certain things than I used to. This means it's an opportunity to do a bit of rethinking about what I surround myself with on a daily basis. What has changed for you recently? How has it affected your lifestyle? What things from your past are things you might be able to do without?

Start Here: Make a short list of your current hobbies, interests and activities you are involved in on a daily or weekly basis.

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