Friday, May 2, 2014

Use Vodka to Keep Clothes Smelling Fresh

Ever have a garment that you've worn once or twice and it only slightly smells, but you could wear it again? Or have you ever wanted to hold off on having something professionally dry-cleaned for just a little longer? 

This is no substitute for doing your weekly laundry, but a trick I learned from my theater background and how we'd take care of costumes: Spray VODKA on the armpits of jackets, dresses, or suit coats to get rid of odors. The alcohol serves as a safe disinfectant. A few squirts will do. 

My suggestions:
  • Buy the cheapest bottle of Vodka you can find
  • Pick up a $1 store spray bottle
  • Label the bottle "cleaning vodka" with a Sharpie
  • Keep the bottle in your closet so you have it handy when you need it

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