Monday, May 12, 2014

5 Daily Organizing Tasks to Keep Your House Smiling

Let's be realistic. Sometimes it's hard to find the time for a new project when we can hardly find the time to maintain our home as it currently is. I'd like to share a saying I remind myself of when things get a little crazy: "Done is Better than Perfect." Can't quite remember when I first heard this, but for some reason it has stayed close in my mind. I find myself repeating it to others when I help them get stuff done.

Read on for 5 Daily Organizing Tasks to Keep Your Home "Smiling." I figure, if I can at least do these each day, I will feel better and keep up on the things that make my household run smoothly. So for the days or weeks that seem to leave you spinning, hold out your hand and count to five. If you got up in the morning, you could have already accomplished number one and two off the list. Here they are:

1) Open & Close the Curtains/Blinds
Sounds simple, I know. But this gives each day a start and finish. Letting the sunshine in can help wake us up and provides a much needed dose of that Vitamin D we all need. When it's time for bed, let the worries of the day go as you "close up shop." Tomorrow's a new day.

extra credit: Pause 10 counts and soak the sun in, or open the window and let some fresh air in.

2) Make Beds
Ever watch that episode of The Cosby Show where Bill Cosby shows Theo how to make the bed? It's really funny! Watch Here (10 minutes into the episode called Season 1 Episode 19 Clair's Case) We're not talking hospital corners for the fitted sheet, unless you want to and it brings you joy, just get it done. Throw the sheets up under the pillows, and whip the comforter on top. This provides a flat, clutter-free surface for you to enjoy all day.

extra credit: A few swipes across the bed to get the wrinkles out. Toss decorative pillows on top. Use the surface to fold laundry and put away before bed time.

3) Return Food and Dishes to Kitchen & Keep Sink Clean
Whether you eat in other rooms of your house or not, at the end of the day all of your food and food containers should go back to the kitchen. One, two, three. This keeps things from getting smelly and protects your home from unwanted pests. Choose a time of the day, morning or night, to do the dishes. But if things get busy, at least get them closer to where they need to be, next to or in the sink will do.

extra credit: Scrape food scraps into the trash, run the disposal, or rinse plates and load the dishwasher.

4) Pick up Trash and Recycling
It's not going away on it's own. We are constantly bringing new things into our home, which means we constantly need to be removing things. Tissues, food wrappers, fruit peals, napkins...throw 'em out. Have trash cans around the house in each room. Have a recycle basket or container where the mail comes in so junk can be collected right away. Try putting one in your bedroom or bathroom too. So many plastic bottles come from body products and it will just be handier to have one near where you use things up.

extra credit:
Take out the trash and recycling. Gather it up daily, but take a trip out a minimum of once a week. 

5) Put Dirty Laundry in a Hamper/Clothes Basket
Everyday we get dressed and undressed. So, everyday we must collect dirty laundry that needs to be washed. Instead of throwing it on the floor, or on the bed you just made, put dirty clothes in a hamper, laundry basket or clothes bag. When laundry time comes, knowing what is clean and dirty will take no guess work.

extra credit:
Do laundry at least once a week. More often if you have kids. Designating days of the week for laundry helps stay on top of it. (See the below quick tip for a helpful laundry day trick)

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  1. Thank you for the recycling can in the bathroom tip. Makes so much sense I am wondering why I never thought of it!