Thursday, February 20, 2014

Flexible Storage Bins for Baby Toys, Nursery & More!

Being a new mom, and wanting everything to have it's place, I'm so excited about these handmade fabric storage bins by NikJDesigns! They're perfect for keeping things organized in my son's nursery.

Small Fabric Storage Bin in Zig Zag

I too had a baby registry at
Target and BabiesRus for all the baby items I'd need, or thought I'd need, before my baby arrived. But being the neat freak I am, and believer in supporting smaller businesses too, I was so excited when my sisters wanted to gift me a few of these at my baby shower. I remember being asked what colors I was planning on having. Since I chose a Peanuts Themed Nursery with Snoopy and Charlie Brown elements, I told them bold, primary colors. 

My Charlie Brown Themed Nursery I wanted to match my bins to:
A window valence I made.  Wanna see how? View "How to Make Your Own Box Valence"
Who has time for painting murals!
A Snoopy wall decal I ordered on
Take a look below at what this gal from NikJDesigns on custom made for me!

How I'm using them:
I don't know about you, but I don't like folding sheets. I found that rolling sheets up is quick and easy. So I'm rolling up and stuffing extra crib sheets and blankets into the red striped one (pictured below).

Tip: Roll & stuff extra crib sheets/blankets in a bin instead of placing them in a closet or drawer.

(Left) Medium Size: Stuffed Animals & Small Toys
(Right) Large Size: Blankets & Sheets

I'm realizing how kids create clutter. Well, or how we adults create clutter when we have kids. Not sure exactly which comes first, but either way, things can get out of hand pretty quickly. These bins are great because they reduce clutter spilling out everywhere and keep those "like things" together. I love how they fit items that oftentimes have awkward shapes like stuffed animals and small toys. See it in the black striped one (pictured above).

Where I'm using them:
They are made of fabric, which is flexible. That means they fit in many places you may have a hard time finding a storage container to fit. I've found they fit great in a tight spot, for example between the crib and a wall (pictured below).

Tip: Place sheets and blankets close to the crib for easy access.

They can come in various sizes. I love the smaller ones for containing things like extra bibs, burp cloths, hand sanitizer and a rattle (pictured below). The key is to see where you gather clutter, and then contain it. These bins do the trick nicely.

Tip: Put a smaller fabric bin next to a favorite chair where you read books or nurse.

To view all her fabulous fabrics and available size options: NikJDesigns

Pillow also by NikJDesigns in Charlie Brown Themed Fabric.
Snoopy Woodstock Wall Decal also from

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