Sunday, January 26, 2014

Organize with a Baby K'tan

I recently had a baby. Well, nine weeks ago to be exact. The cold Minnesota weather has kept us inside a lot, leaving us plenty of time around the house. Even though we haven't been driving around a whole lot, I have learned that babies are super portable. I've discovered that it is possible to organize with a baby in tow, especially using the Baby K'tan.

A good friend of mine showed me how to wear a cloth baby sling to carry my baby around. While most people would probably think to wear it to the grocery store or the zoo, I've been wearing it around the house while doing house work.

Organizing tasks I can do with a baby in tow:

  • Fold Laundry
  • Sort Mail
  • Do Dishes
  • Pay Bills
  • Check Emails
  • Make a Grocery List
  • Cut/Download Coupons
  • Make Phone Calls
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Collect Garbage
  • Wipe Surfaces

I have yet to try running the vacuum while wearing it, but my son loves white noise so I'm guessing I might just be able to do it. With the added weight, it will definitely be multitasking a great workout in too!

I love how supportive the Baby K'tan is. My son also finds it comfy enough to sleep in. The only problem is, that means I'm not sleeping when he is. Being a new mom isn't easy and nothing is perfect, but at least I can still get things done. With a few adjustments to my home maintenance routine it makes staying organized easier.

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