Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How to Organize Your Garage to get the Cars back in

When garages are cluttered it makes it difficult to park cars inside. One of the main goals I set in organizing any garage is to get things off the floor. This way the home owners can park their cars inside and use the space as intended.

This particular garage's challenge is how narrow it is. While it can fit two cars, it can only do so by parking them front and back and not side to side. To combat this problem, the home owner purchased some sturdy shelving to line one of the walls to keep everything contained to one side.

Garage Before
I was called to help them organize what went on the shelves and complete the project. I did this by grouping like things together and finding the best spot to keep everything. Holiday decor got contained in clear totes with lids, labeled and placed on the top shelf. Coolers were placed side by side next to camping gear like life jackets. Collapsible chairs that the family uses often were collected on a lower shelf for easy grabbing. Winter gear and summer toys were separated so kids know what they have to play with each season. We designated the large basket shelves to keep the toys in so items like balls won't roll away and swimming noodles can stay in place.

Garage After
Summer Toys & Gear, Camping Chairs
Winter Gear & Toy Baskets

One of my favorite things we did was put a bunch of unwanted items like two large bookshelves on the curb. It was only a matter of time before someone drove by and picked them up. Done! Out of the way. A great trick for a nice Saturday.

I also loved how we labeled the bins with tools, hardware, bungee cords and hooks so Dad and Mom can access exactly what they need when they need it and not forget where anything is. We also labeled the shelves so when things are taken off everyone knows exactly where to put each item back. 

Garage Shelf After
Open Top Totes for Car Supplies and Lighter Fluid
Labeled Bins for Tools, Hardware, & Hooks

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