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MN National Association of Professional Organizers interviews Andrea

Known as the “Organizing Authority,” The National Association of Professional Organizers, NAPO for short, has a mission to educate, promote and support professional organizers and the organizing industry. The USA has about 4,200 members. Minnesota has a local chapter with more than 70 members! (I've been an active member of NAPO-MN since 2009) To learn more about NAPO visit www.napo.net

NAPO-MN provides a monthly e-newsletter with information about upcoming events and articles related to the organizing industry. "KAREN'S KORNER,” in memory of Karen Kunzman, is an article column written to celebrate the talents and accomplishments of a specific Professional Organizer in the chapter. This article is unique in that it is about their life outside of organizing. Smiling Spaces’ Professional Organizer Andrea Brandt was the organizer interviewed for the March/April 2013 e-newsletter. In the article, Andrea discusses her performing arts background and training, as well as how she uses those skills today in her organizing business. Read the article below taken from a segment of the: March/April 2013 Issue.

NAPO-MN Newsletter
Official Publication of the National Association of 
Professional Organizers - Minnesota Chapter

Louis Kurzeka
NAPO-MN Professional Development Director
Celebrating the talents and accomplishments of our lives
outside of organizing in memory of Karen Kunzman.

Andrea Brandt of Smiling Spaces
Andrea Brandt headshot
When did you first realize you loved acting?
From a young age I was a ham, enjoying any opportunity in front of the camera. We would put on little shows based on books we knew like Country Mouse, City Mouse complete with music and choreography. My parents nurtured my talent with ballet classes beginning in second grade, which I continued to college.

When did you start formally acting?
I tried out for and won roles in every musical production and a couple plays during my four years in high school. My first role was as a nurse in South Pacific and ironically, the last role I had in a local community theater just before leaving for college was also in South Pacific. This time though I played the lead role of Nellie. I really developed my musical theater chops in those four years.

When you moved to the Twin Cities to attend college at the U of M did you continue performing?
Oh yes, in a big way. I created an individualized major in Music Theater at the U that allowed me to further hone my talents and skills through study and roles in local venues. During a couple summers in college I was fortunate to be cast and employed as a performer in musical productions on the Minnesota Centennial Showboat. And since finishing my degree, I've had the opportunity to appear in the Guthrie's A Christmas Carol and in a four woman show titled Respect: A Musical Journey of Women at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater (see Andrea in action athttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwLjKS_mdcY), along with a variety of gigs in television.

What would be your dream acting opportunity?
To act and sing in a movie musical. There is so much you can do with that medium in creating a finished product that can be shared with and seen by many people. I find that idea very appealing. That may be why I've begun making You Tube videos around organizing. (Check out andrea-brandt.com)

What of your skills in acting has translated to your organizing business?
Being present with a client. In acting, to give an engaging performance you must listen so you can react. With a client I know that if I am listening to what they are saying and I'm in the moment, I am totally focused on them. It's like getting lost in watching a good performance by an actor. If the time flies by it means I was lost in being present with them.

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