Thursday, March 21, 2013

Get Stuff Done Club Organizing Interview & Book

I was recently interviewed on organizing in the Get Stuff Done! Club hosted by Certified Professional Coach and time management author Liz Uram from The Coach and Mentor GroupMembers of the club use Liz's book the: How to Organize and Manage Your Time Workbook

Listen to the recording of our interview: 

The How to Organize and Manage Your Time Workbook

If you are someone who struggles with managing your time, I highly recommend taking a closer look at using this workbook and consider joining the club. The How to Organize and Manage Your Time Workbook helps people take back control of how they spend their time. You get to envision how you want your day and week to be and then use the practical tools and worksheets to help you reach your goals. The book comes with an assortment of colored highlighters that you'll use to help categorize the different areas of your life, a fun bonus that also has a practical purpose.

Each month members of the Get Stuff Done! Club are on the phone with Liz and one of her special guest experts who share their best ideas for time management, staying organized and goal setting in all areas of life. The club is for people who know that the key to success is creating a vision of what you want, setting goals to get there, staying focused, and taking action. Learn more about the Club: Here

I spoke with Liz on March 20th, which happens to be the first day of spring. Whether or not the weather is warm yet where you are, which it's not here in Minnesota, this time of year has many people thinking about spring cleaning projects. Together, we explained ways to put thoughts into action while giving our listeners practical steps on how to make a plan so they can ultimately, get stuff done

Listen to the recording of our interview: 

Purchase How to Organize and Manage Your Time Workbook

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