Wednesday, February 6, 2013

3 Organizing Inspired Date Night Ideas

Do you have an ongoing date night?
With Valentine's day right around the corner, I'm reminded of a piece of advice I got from other happy couples before I got married: Make sure to have a weekly date night. We're all super busy, but spending quality time with your honey doesn't have to be limited to special days like Valentine's Day or an Anniversary. 

Try picking one night a week just for the two of you.
Candles, soft music, and wine are great, but no one says you have to sit and look at each over a gourmet dinner or spend a lot of money, unless you want to. I've got a twist. 

Why not make your date night a little productive at the same time? Here's a few different ideas to get you started, and they don't cost anything.

3 Organizing Inspired Date Night Ideas:

1) Make your bed together. I'm serious. This blog is PG. What you do after you make it is your own business. How often do we help each other make our bed? It sure makes it go easier. If you have a fresh set of sheets to put on the bed great! If not, just straighten out what's currently on the bed, fluff the pillows a bit and enjoy your room's fresh look. Play a card game on your newly made bed, or just lay on top of it and chat. If you haven't updated your comforter or bedspread in a while, talk about possible colors or styles to keep an eye out for. Next time you get some Kohl's cash, you'll have something to shop for. If anything it will make your space feel more romantic and inviting. 

2) Clear off both of your bedside tables or nightstand tops. Spread the contents out on your bed and help each other purge or pare down the items. See if any of the items can go somewhere else in your room or elsewhere in the house. Then put everything back and enjoy a less cluttered and more romantic "bookend-like" effect to the sides of your bed. Much more romantic! (This idea pairs well with the date night idea above)

3) Walk around your house together like it's the first time you ever saw it. Whether you love your house or not, there are some definite things that can make a house a "home." Start at the front door, even hold hands if you like, and look at each room with fresh eyes. Discuss what things you love first, and then any areas that you think might need improvements or changes you'd like to make. Take turns listening to each other. If you'd like to make a list while you are doing it, make two columns. Make one column for the things you love, and one for the things you may want to improve in the future. Later on, you'll have a list for prioritizing home improvements. If it's warm outside, try walking around your house, or "estate" as my parents used to call it, and do the same thing outdoors in the yard.

For a happy marriage, start the Date Night habit as soon as you're engaged!
Check out my digital download of the Organize Your Dream Wedding workbook with six organizing inspired date night ideas specific to the wedding planning process! A great way to start this habit together, and perfect for keeping both the bride and groom involved. More information and order here.


  1. Like your tips for date night.
    We actually do make our bed together ocassionally and it's a nice time to talk to each other. Thanks.

  2. You're welcome. :) Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Do you have your date night planned?