Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How do you define a space you want to be in?

I define spaces someone wants to be in by calling them smiling spaces. These are rooms or spaces in your home that can lift your spirits and literally make you "smile." They are not perfect, but have a purpose and work for you rather than against you. A smiling space is simple, it reflects the people that use the area and helps them be organized.

I personally tend to be attracted to colorful spaces that are cheerful, bright, and fresh looking. I guess that's why I designed my new Smiling Spaces' expo signage with that in mind. My tag line is: "less piles, more smiles," and as you can see I show a neat stack of folded towels that would definitely make your linen closet "smile." How about you? Does your kitchen or desktop make you smile? Now wouldn't it be nice to have less piles there so that you could find everything when you need it? It's an ongoing maintenance project I know I work on daily. Getting started can be tough, but you just have to start somewhere and stick with it. If your spaces don't make you smile, it may be a sign to try something else, re-organize, and get a new perspective.

Our NEW Signage: 
(NorthTown Mall: Shop Local Business Expo in Blaine, MN 
which was put on by the MetroNorth Chamber of Commerce 
and took place Sat. November 10th, 2012)

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