Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Organizing six years after the wedding

My six year wedding anniversary is coming up in just a couple of weeks. It's funny how some of the wedding gifts we got are still really amazing and have held up, like our china and crystal glasses. However, other things like towels, sheets and our bedspread are starting to show wear, need replacing, or have already been replaced.

I recently gave new life to our six year old white towels by bleaching them. I hope to have them around a bit longer. While I was at it, I organized our linen closet too. Oh how nice it felt to upgrade our storage
containers in there- Happy Anniversary to me! 

I put a tag on the shelf labeled "Bath Towels" and another on the basket labeled " Hand Towels/Wash Cloths" to remind us where everything goes.


Besides our white bath towels, another thing that is still around after our wedding is our card box. My sister made it out of a large metal mailbox. She painted and decorated it as well as put a slit in the front for cards to be slipped in. The latch was wired together to prevent anyone from opening up the entire box. I'm now using it for storing my grass cutting and garden shoes in the garage.

Our wedding card box made out of a mailbox.
(October, 2006)

Re-purposed as a place to store our grass and garden shoes in the garage. (October, 2012)

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