Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Have Less Paper Piles: Office Organizing

I recently taught a Smiling Spaces Lunch N' Learn at my local MetroNorth Chamber of Commerce in Blaine, Minnesota. The topic was Desktop Paper Management. Basically, it was an hour long educational workshop on how to organize the papers that tend to pile up on your desk.

Attendees learned how to organize papers with a tickler file system, meant to "tickle" their memory, and help keep track of daily, weekly, and future to-dos. I also shared some of my favorite desktop accessories for organizing bills and bill paying supplies.

Here are some pictures of a recent office I helped a client get organized.

Office Before
Too many piles on the floor made this home office difficult and unpleasant to work in.

Office After
With less clutter, the office space is more inviting and easier to be productive with less distraction.

 Desktop Before 
This desktop was in need of some paper sorting and definition of where to put papers so the client could find what she needed when she needed it.

  Desktop After
Together, we sorted and paired down the piles, and set up a desktop and file drawer filing system to contain and organize her papers. Now she can store and retrieve everything of importance with ease.

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