Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Duct Tape 3-ring Binder Makeovers

I love using three-ring binders to keep papers pertaining to different things organized. I have a variety of binders I keep for my organizing business in my home office. There's one for my Smiling Spaces business plan, Organize Your Dream Wedding information, and various courses I've taken on public peaking, paper, and clutter management.

With all the back-to-school excitement going on I thought I might like to go buy some fun new matching binders. But once I started looking around, I just couldn't justify buying all new binders just so they would coordinate. I came across a display with an assortment of duct tape in various colors and was inspired.

I gave my three-ring binders a duct tape makeover. It's so simple, and is a great way to re-use binders, give them a new look, and save money!

(Binders Before) mix-matched colors

(Binders After) colors that make me smile

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