Sunday, August 5, 2012

Simplify Your Life Week: Meal Plan

Day #5 - SUNDAY

Make a meal plan and pack your lunch the night before.
Pick a few meal ideas that you and your family like to eat. Designate a day of the week for each meal and plan. Make enough so that you have some leftovers that can be eaten later in the week, say on a night that you may have less time to prepare something. Make a list of what you'll need to get for groceries so that you'll save money and time by having what you need in advance. Repeat the plan or tweak as needed, and then add another weekly meal plan until you have at least a month planned out so no one gets bored. Do the same for weekly lunches. Pack your lunch the night before and it will help you get out the door faster in the morning, and save you money and calories on eating fast food.

How's your simplifying going? Leave a comment or question below.

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