Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Organizing "On a Stick"

If you've attended the Minnesota State Fair in the past, you probably know that there seems to be a lot of food "on a stick." My favorite is the deep fried snickers candy bar. Yum! With our State Fair starting tomorrow, I thought I'd have a little fun tying in a few organizing tips. What I believe makes the State Fair so great:

1) Being inspired by all the sewing, quilting, arts and crafts displayed.

Organizing "on a stick" Tip: Use extra buttons for keeping earring pairs together. I love how quick this makes packing jewelry for a trip.

2) Being able to use the park 'n ride, take public transportation, and walk around people watching.

Organizing "on a stick" Tip: Keep your car keys from disappearing by always putting them in the same spot. I found these cool fork and spoon hooks at Bachman's in Fridley, MN. They're hanging in my kitchen.

3) Eating tons of great food, especially fried cheese curds, the best dang corn on the cob, and a chocolate malt while watching some girl's head be sculpted out of butter.

Organizing "on a stick" Tip: Make a "cheesy chum" face by cutting away the red wax coating on those terrifically tasty mini babybel round cheeses. Here's one I made with a mustache to make my Dad laugh.

If you go this year, Have fun!  The Minnesota State Fair Runs Thurs, Aug 23rd-Labor Day, Sept 3rd

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