Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How to make a Mini Terrarium Garden

Making a mini terrarium garden, also called a fairy garden by some, is really quite simple and super fun! Based on how I did it, I've come up with six steps to help you make one too.

1) Pick a location in your home for your container to "live." It should be a spot with indirect, filtered light. So, not a spot that gets a lot of direct sunlight. This will also help determine how big of a container you should get based on how much space you have.

2) Find a glass container around your house or shop for your terrarium. I used an old fish bowl my mom gave me that we had as kids.

 3) Shop for mini plants. Pick an odd number. I picked three for my medium sized bowl.

4) Pick up contents.
-river rocks to line the bottom
-a bag of black charcoal to help with drainage that will go on top of the layer of rocks
-potting soil that goes on top of the charcoal
-mini garden accessories (consider a little bench or chair, tools, a path or bridge) Have fun with it!

5) Put it together. Clean your container out and add the three layers (rocks, charcoal, soil). Arrange your plants first to make sure you give each enough room. If you have a bigger accessory, like a path or bridge, place that in next. Then add your smaller accessories to fill in the space. Once you've got everything spaced out, plant your mini plants and press your accessories in so they stay in place.

6) Enjoy & maintain. If you ever want to rearrange your garden, you can. To maintain it, a little mister works great for ferns. Otherwise, carefully water around your plants at the base and avoid getting the leaves wet. Keep it moist to the touch, and don't over water.

What I put in my Mini Terrarium:
-a bench, path, red lantern on hook, watering can, raking tools and shovel, wheel barrel, two medium rocks, turquoise pebbles and broken seashells to look like water. All of my plants and most of my accessories were found at Bachman's.


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