Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hang the Easy Fold Step Stool on a 3M Command Hook

It was time to upgrade the step stool I've had since I was three. (pictured below) The Easy Fold Step Stool (picture to side) makes it easy to reach the top shelves in my closets. From an organizing standpoint, this is great because if you can reach your top shelves you are more likely to use what's up there and be able to keep it maintained and organized. For those of us that are a bit vertically challenged, a good step stool is a must, and this one passes the test. It folds down and can be stored out of the way without taking up much space. It's also light weight but durable, so it's easy enough to move from room to room while is also super sturdy.

Product Details: Easy Fold Step Stool, $12.99
Found mine at: (picture above from): The Container Store
3825 Gallagher Drive, Edina, MN 55435

Organizing Tip: Hang your Easy Fold Step Stool on a 3M Command Hook in your closet, laundry room or garage. 

Watch Our Quick Tip Video: Hooks in the Closet to see how these two products together create a "Smiling Space." 

I love the Easy Fold Step Stool so much I bought two!

Side Story: I liked this step stool so much that I bought two! They both came in handy when my two, three year old, nieces came to visit Memorial Day weekend. They used them for sitting on during dinner. Because I have no kids of my own, I had to improvise and use our small square Ikea side table as "the little kid" table. The Easy Fold Step Stools were the perfect height to fit underneath the table. My nieces were even able to help fold the step stools and carry them outside on the deck when we decided to eat outside. Seeing them carry the stools around all proud to have their own spot to sit was adorable! So whether you're three, 30 or 63, I recommend keeping one or even two of these handy.

My step stool from when I was three:

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