Monday, April 30, 2012

How to make your own Box Valence

Step One: Measure
Measure your window, twice to make sure. You need about two inches past your window molding to make sure the valence will be able to clear the wood frame and be able to line up properly with the wall.

Dimensions that work well:  Between 6-8 inches wide looks nice on most windows. Plan for it to come out about two to three inches from the wall.

Step Two: Pick Fabric
If your wall isn't painted yet, make sure to pick your fabric first and then your paint color. It's much harder to match fabric to paint than paint to fabric. Take a swatch of your fabric to the paint place and they can help you get the perfect match.

Step Three: Gather Materials
Get Ply Board, Light-Weight Quilting Batting, Fabric (enough extra just in case), Staple Gun and extra Staples, Scissors, L-Brackets or Nails to attach corner pieces of wood together, Picture Hanging Loops with Screws, & Hammer and Nails. *We borrowed the table saw to cut the wood.

Step Four: Assemble
Cut the board to the length you need, adding top and side pieces to make it a box. Attach the pieces using L-brackets or nails. Cut foam batting and cover the valence, using a staple gun to attach it. Do the same with your fabric making sure you pull it fairly tight so it doesn't look loose and wrinkled. Make sure you cover enough of the back of the valence so that if your outside looking into the window you don't see any messy cut edges or bare wood. Trim any extra fabric. 

Tip: Use a light iron to get any creases out.

Step Five: Hang
Make sure you don't cover too much of your window so the nice light can come through. Use Picture Hanging metal loops that you can screw right into the valence. This allows you to take it down easily if you want to clean it, adjust the height, or change the fabric down the road.


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