Monday, April 16, 2012

Do's and Don'ts for creating a great first impression: Audition Style

I recently had the opportunity of being on the other side of the table at an audition. It gave me a unique perspective checking people in rather than being the one to be auditioning. It reminded me how important creating a great first impression is. Here is what I found:

Do: arrive early, 15-20 minutes before your allotted time slot. Don't: arrive late.
Do: smile and greet the people you hand your headshot and resume to and thank them when you leave. Don't: leave all of your personal stuff on the table where you check in. Do: find your own corner to drop your stuff. Don't: have the person checking you in have to attach your headshot and resume for you.  
Do: take the time to properly cut your resume and adhere it ahead of time. Do: be flexible, things might have changed according to previously planned. Be ready to adjust.Don't: leave an audition you've already handed your headshot and resume in to without auditioning, especially without telling the check in person you left. This leaves a bad impression. Do: let the person checking you in know if you have an emergency or have to leave early. They will more than likely accommodate you. Don't: warm up loudly in a room with everyone else waiting. Do: warm up before you come, in your car, or quietly in a corner.

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