Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Free Drop Boxes for Old Meds

Ever wonder what to do with old medicines you no longer need or want? It used to be common practice to just dump medicines down the toilet. But with concerns about contaminating our water supply, experts suggest not doing that. It could make us or someone else sick, and is bad for the environment.

In Hennepin County, Minnesota: There are now free drop boxes offered for disposing of old meds. They'll Take: prescription drugs, including controlled substances, over the counter drugs, vitamins, and pet meds. They won't take liquids, needles, syringes, or anything from a business. No ID needed, only legal drugs, in original container or in clear plastic bag.

The boxes are green and located at: 
  • Public Safety Facility, 401 4th Av. S., Minneapolis (any time and day) 
  • Sheriff's Patrol Headquarters, 9401 83rd Av. N., Brooklyn Park (m-f 8-4:30)
  • Sheriff's Water Patrol, 4141 Shoreline Drive, Spring Park (m-f 8-4:30) 

(If you can't get to a drop box) How to dispose of medicines in the trash:

1) Keep the medicine in it's original container: scratch off the patient's name or cover it with a sharpie

2) Leave the content information on: and then do something to modify the medicine For solids like pills: add water to dissolve the pills For liquids: and salt, flour, charcoal, or a non toxic spice or mustard to make it smell bad 

3) Seal & Conceal: Tape the medicine container lid shut or wrap packs of wrapped pills with duct tape. Then place it in a non-transparent bag or container like an empty yogurt container. 

4) Discard: Put in the garbage can, not recycling.

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