Tuesday, March 6, 2012

3M Command Products Writing Entry

They asked for 500 words. I wrote 499. The writing entry I submitted on "Why I like using 3M Command Products": 
Command Picture Hanging Strips are a perfect solution for an indecisive, perfectionist, picture hanging person like myself.
When my husband and I got our first new home, I loved using Picture Hanging Strips for hanging some favorite calendar pages I had torn out and decoupaged onto thin, blank canvas picture boards. The boards didn’t come with anyway to adhere them to the wall so I tried the strips. At the time, I couldn’t decide on the paint color for our bathroom yet, but I wanted to immediately make the space feel more personal. This combination was a perfect solution. I was able to quickly hang these creations in a row across the wall without having to commit to anything permanently. For someone that likes to change decorating ideas frequently, this was important to me. Because the boards were a light color, I chose the white, medium size strips and they blended right in, out of sight.

Command Picture Hanging Strips are also easy to remove and don’t leave a hole in the wall like a nail will, which can be a pesky little reminder that perhaps I’m a bit indecisive when it comes to decorating and will often want to move things around. When I change my mind about where I want to hang something I can simply remove the strip in one clean, downward swoop and try a new spot. This keeps my walls happy, gives me a way to keep things fresh and updated, and allows me to continue rearranging my pictures just the way I want to. It’s also much quieter than hammering. So when I’m feeling sneaky, I can do it before my hubby finds out what I’m up to and it’s done before he knows it. If we decide later we don’t care for it, there’s no messy spackling to do. Happy walls, happy hubby, happy home.
In the past, I’ve been a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to hanging pictures straight on the wall and have been embarrassed when someone else points a crooked one out or adjusts something. Since using the Picture Hanging Strips, I haven’t had that problem. I love to share my secret with guests when they ask about the pictures in my bathroom and how I was able to align the whole wall so evenly and keep them in place. I’ve actually explained to guests how I can hear a “click” when I push the two strips together so I know it’s secure and can easily readjust it to make sure everything hangs straight. It’s a little funny demonstrating this in my bathroom, but not as silly as in the past when I’d have to press my cheeks against the wall to see if I’d got things aligned just right. My husband walking by would ask, “what on earth are you doing now? ” More importantly, there’s no more embarrassment with guests readjusting the tilt of my pictures when they visit. Happy walls, happy host, happy home.

(Submitted on FB as a part of a contest to be in a 3M Command Clear Product commercial in LA)
-I'm required to say I was not paid to comment or participate.

After submitting this, I was called for an interview and then chosen to be sent a box of their new Clear products. I was asked to try and test these products out and send a video of me doing so with my ideas on how I might use the new products. I was also selected to have an additional Skype interview with the casting directors in LA. Although I was not ultimately chosen for the commercial, I may be contacted in the future as they further develop new products.

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