Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Twitter Tidbits

Are you new to Twitter or have yet to join? No worries. There's still time, and let me tell you it's really not that hard to start up or connect to your Facebook account so you don't have to manage too much. Read on for some Twitter Tidbits and helpful tips and directions below:

 How to get started tweeting:
1) Go to to start an account.

2) Personalize your background and choose your name/business  name and a picture to identify yourself.

3) Type a tweet/update in 140 characters or less, 120 is best if you want someone to "re-tweet" your message and to not have it cut off. (Links will automatically be shortened)

What is the @ & # all about?
  • The @ Symbol is used before your name to direct/link people to your tweets. (Mine is @SmilingSpaces
  • You can have conversations with people by putting their @------- name in your tweet which will alert them that you mentioned them or commented about what they said.
  • The # or Hash Tag Symbol is used to track and establish trends. (I might use #organize, or #wedding, #performing to have my tweet found more easily by someone searching for a topic)
How to get people to follow your tweets
  • Make sure your tweets have value to them. This will attract people.
  • Share your thoughts, incites, recommendations.
  • Follow other people you admire and comment on their tweets.
How to connect your Facebook account or Fan Page to Twitter:
  1. Go to your Facebook account or Fan Page and click "edit page"
  2. Click "resources"
  3. Click on "link your page to twitter"
  4. Select which account or page you want and check the boxes for what you want connected
  5. If you want to edit any of your settings at a later time, just go back and un-check/check the boxes
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