Wednesday, February 15, 2012

3M Command contest/commercial challenge

A few weeks ago I entered a writing contest on facebook with 3M Command Brand. I was asked to write in 500 words or less why I liked using their products. The winner of the contest would have a chance to get a box of free products to tryout, including a new offering they have, and have a chance to be in a commercial shooting in LA. I used all 499 words to describe my love of their products, touching specifically on their picture hanging strips. They called me, and I've recently been sent a box of free items that I've been asked to videotape myself using in new inventive ways. How fun!

Before I go any further...Let me just say I'm not getting paid to comment on anything. My hope is only to be honest and have a little fun coming up with new ways to fix one little organizing challenge at a time.

If you're not familiar with 3M Command Brand products, let me tell you how helpful they are for organizing and making things handy. One of the most used solutions they offer are the plastic, damage-free hanging hooks. Like the packaging says, it really does "hold strongly and removes cleanly."

Stay tuned for my new findings and to see if I'm selected for the commercial. :)

Thanks 3M Command for the opportunity and exciting challenge!

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