Wednesday, December 21, 2011

An Organizer's Winter Wonderland Carol

*Sing these new 2011 words to the classic "Winter Wonderland" tune.
(by Felix Bernard & Richard B. Smith, 1934)

An Organizer's "Winter Wonderland"

Clients cling as we’re listening,
In their eyes, tears are glistening
Though clutter is deep
They still want to keep
The objects that created such a mess.

Gone away is their neat home
As disorder is full-blown.
We’ll guide them along
To make them feel strong
While concerns and issues are addressed.

In the session we will empty piles
Installing systems they can understand.

We’ll be sure the process
fits their style,
And they can carry out
What we have planned.

Later on, we'll enable
Them to clear, sort, and label.
To face with our aid
The plans that we've made
To organize the items they possess.

By Susi McCune • Specialized Organization Services LLC •

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