Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gift Wrap on a Budget

Isn't it crazy how much buying a new gift bag, bow to match, and greeting card can cost? Sometimes it's almost as much as the gift you're buying itself. In an effort to help stay on budget, yet make sure my gifts look great, I've gathered a few ideas to help wrap gifts for less cost.

1) Get creative! Look around your house for items you can reuse as a way to wrap your item.

Use: Classic Comics, Turn a Brown Paper Bag inside out, Sheet Music, Old Map, Fabric, Scarf, Metal Cookie Tin, Jar, Beach Bucket, Book Jacket, Wall Poster, Wall Paper Sample, Calendar Pages, Disguise that Fancy Shopping Bag you just couldn't throw out

2) Dress it up with what you've got on hand. Like an outfit, accessorize your gift to give it that finishing touch it deserves.

Use: Bow Tie, Artificial Flower, A few larger Christmas Light Bulbs, Pine Cone, Fabric Ribbon, Sparkly Garland, Elastic Head Bands, Old Cassette Tape, Ornament

Some ideas from Star Tribune, 12-16-2009 article "Re-Wrap" by Kim Yeager

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