Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pop-up Note Dispenser

I recently visited 3M's innovation center in Saint Paul, MN. We got a behind the scenes tour and a chance to sample and take a look at a lot of their products. One of the most "notable," pun intended, are Post-it notes!

Check out this super cute dispenser in the shape of a purse! It's not only handy to have your Post-its where you need it, but so gosh darn adorable you can keep it out without feeling too "office-y," a word I just made up."

Love it:
  • The dispenser is made out of a heavy duty plastic and base that is weighted.
  • Comes in black to fit any decor.
  • Has potential to be decorated with a ribbon or "bedazzeled" with sparkly jewels for a little spunk.
  • Dispenses alternating hot pink and green Post-its, but is refillable if you want to change it up.
No where on the box did it say that there was alternating green Post-its. That was a surprise. Could they have put a little pen holder on the side of it?

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