Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Introducing "Organized Talent" Tip Sheets!

Smiling Spaces is now offering performing artists
an affordable option to help them get organized.

Audition Here:
Have you ever been late to an audition because you got lost, forgot something, or mixed up a call time? Afraid that a first impression might have cost you the role you knew you were perfect for? Are you motivated to get down to business, but not quite sure how? It's time to get organized!

You're Cast!
Let Smiling Spaces offer you your next big role by becoming an "Organized Talent." Continue to focus on what you do best and let us teach you professional organizing tips that will help improve the business side of the brand you're selling, you.

Organizing for Auditions $3.00
  • 10 Tips for Getting to the Right Place at the Right Time
  • Essential Supplies Checklist
  • Performing Arts Resume Template (Workable Word® Document)
  • 3 “Foot-in-the-Door” Organizing Must Haves
  • “Take-Along Bag” Packing Tips
  • Paper Management Solutions for Performing Artists
  • Favorite Products Shopping List
  • Helpful Organizing Stores

 Organizing for Tax Time $3.00

  •  How to Keep Track of Mileage
  •  Daily Mileage Recording Checklist
  •  4 Things to do Every Business Trip
  •  1 Thing to do Once a Month
  •  Once a Year Mileage Checklist
  •  Example Tax Spreadsheet
  •  Printable Tax Spreadsheet
  •  Simple EXCEL® Tax Template (Workable EXCEL® Document)
  •  How to Prepare Mileage Calculations
  •  3 Ways to Keep Track of Your Expense Receipts

Get Both:$5.00 (tax is included in prices above.)

Become an "Organized Talent" Today! 
The tip sheets will be emailed right to you as a downloadable PDF once payment is received.

(Our website is undergoing a complete updating that will soon be including a paypal account option) In the meantime, please contact directly to place your order.
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