Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nothing Like a Handful of Dandelions

Ever pick a handful of dandelions for your mom? My mom once had a Birthday game for us that involved having the kids at our party pick as many yellow dandelion tops off for a prize for whoever had the most.

If you're all grown up now, here's a tool that works as more than a quick fix for getting rid of dandelions.

I recently got a new dandelion weed pulling tool. It's absolutely fabulous and makes for pulling the pesky weeds really easy. You simply push the the tool tip down into the center of the dandelion with your foot, twist and pull up. No need to reach down to pull it off, just push down the button up top by the handle and it releases the weed. All you need to do afterwards is rake up your pulled up dandelions and ship them off for good.

Step-On Weeder
(Yard Works)
Menards about $17.00

  • Gets the weed out by the root
  • Is a great alternative to using chemicals on your lawn
  • Feels rewarding and is a bit of a work out
  • Your hands may get a little sore if you have a whole lawn to tackle. Solution: Wear leather gloves.
  • You may see more dandelions pop up afterwards. Solution: Keep on top of them by doing it a few days in a row to get them all.
  • If your neighbor isn't on top of their weeds, they may creep into yours. Solution: Let you neighbor borrow your tool.

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