Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Digital Recipe File

Easter is coming up, and you're in charge of making something everyone will love. Now where did you put that recipe you know you have stashed somewhere? A great alternative to the traditional recipe box is to have a digital recipe file on your laptop. It will save you time searching and cut down on the piles of recipe books and stacks of cooking magazines that often clutter many kitchens. You'll also be able to have them with you where ever your computer is.

How to create a digital recipe file:
  • Search for recipes online (many cookbooks have a digital counterpart, or you can subscribe to a digital version of your favorite cooking magazine)
  • Copy and paste recipes to a word document
  • Create digital folders for all your favorites so you can find them easily (label the files like you would for a traditional recipe box: Soups, Desserts, Salads, Sides...)
  • Make a "favorites" file folder to keep links to your favorite food websites and blogs
  • Scan any hard copies you have and add them to your digital files
After you've scanned the hard copies:
  • Recycle the old magazines and recipe cards that you've scanned the recipes from.
  • Hand down old recipe books to a loved one. Write a message in the front cover and mark the favorite recipes you've loved to make.

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