Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How to Keep Your Inbox Clutter Free

Ever feel like you just want to ditch your current email address and get a new one because your inbox is too full? Save yourself the hassle. Try these simple steps to help you keep your email inbox clutter free.

Take Out the Trash, Everyday
Keeping your inbox clutter free starts with making it a habit to "take out the trash" everyday. Before you even open any mail that you must or want to read, begin by putting a check in the check box next to any mail you intend not to open. Then delete them right away. Examples to check mark:
  • Email lists that you got on that you wish you had said no to
  • Anything that looks suspicious or "spammy"
  • Subject lines that bother you or make you feel crummy in some way, why bother.
The next step is to "unsubscribe" to any lists that no longer apply to you or peak your interest. Now that you've deleted them, go to your trashcan or deleted emails and see them all gathered together. Open them one at a time and scroll down to the bottom of the email or where it says "unsubscribe." Click on this and there you have it. You're free of it. It's that simple. Repeat for each additional list you're on.

Consolidate & Make Folders
If there are email newsletter or lists you're on that you do enjoy time to time consider making a folder for them. Either set your email to automatically send it to the folder or move it to the folder yourself like you would file a piece of paper. This way, when you do feel like reading it you know where you can find it and they're all together in one spot, not cluttering up your inbox.

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