Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Organize an Oscar Party

 Chocolate Oscar Statue
Need a little fun get-together to ease the winter blues? Having a an Oscar party is a super fun way to do it.
Last year my husband and I had a few of our friends over to watch the 2010 Oscars. Guests were told to bring only themselves and their favorite movie treat to share. We provided all the popcorn you could eat. Everyone entered our house with a chance to walk down a red carpet. We made sure to snap a photo of everyone and later sent it to them as a thank you for coming. It was a blast!

We also handed out voting ballots, which we got off the Internet. Each guest had a chance to vote on who they thought would win for best picture, actor, actress, etc. The winner received a chocolate candy bar in the shape of an actual Oscar. It was even wrapped in gold foil.

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  1. Between and local Party City store we had movie themed decorations as well like a clapboard and camera shaped cutouts. Everyone had a lot of fun.