Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Turning the Volume Down

Do you ever feel like things are just a bit too loud? It can make it hard to concentrate, and hard to feel calm and in control of our choices. When we realize how sounds affect us and we are able to turn the volume down it's amazing what can happen.

Having things a bit more quiet gives me a little more clarity and much needed peace. When things are quieter I can hear myself think and can make better choices. I can give the space needed in between activities to decided what to do next and what really matters most at any given moment.

If finding more peace and quiet seems impossible, just imagining it can help. How to do this? Listen to yourself breathe and become aware of your posture and the tension you're holding in your body. Splitting your attention from completely outwardly focused to partially inwardly focused seems to help quiet things down, even for just a split second.

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