Friday, September 10, 2010

Drop Everything & Pick Up Where You Left Off

My sunflowers blooming for the 1st time after I returned from my Grandpa's funeral.

Everything is so busy nowadays. Most of us never seem to be able to catch up or slow down enough to do what really matters most to us. We may feel we don't have time and can't for some reason take a break long enough to feel content with where we are at.

Hearing that a loved one has died can jolt us into a reality that life will have to be put on hold and pause as we deal with this new found moment. We drop everything and start to cancel things, reschedule and reprioritize. The amazing thing is that people understand this and respect that we require complete control of our time when we express this to them.

There is something to be learned from how people can drop everything in their scheduled for the day to attend something like a wake or funeral of a loved one. I'm reminded of this because my grandfather recently passed away and I saw so many people that drove hours or took plane flights across the country to attend his wake and funeral. It meant so much to see them and pick up on conversations right where we had left off, however many years ago.

We are reminded of our own mortality and just how short life really is, or how precious time can be.

What I've experienced is that it is a wonderful thing to have friends and family that love you. People are there for you and care. We must reach out for support when we need it and ask for help in times that we can't do it all ourselves.

Learning to let go and accept help is not a weakness, it's a skill that I believe some of the strongest people must posses. We are made stronger and our lives improve by including others in some of the most private moments we have.

When all we seem to want to do is crawl under a rock and be alone, we forget how someones smile, hug, kind comment or lending ears can make such a difference and bring us out of the darkness and back into the sunshine.

We are not alone. We must open our hearts to others that are willing to help us and be receptive to all good. It is then that we are able to see the beauty of a couple of sunflowers and a rainbow across the sky as signs that life will go on and goodness is all around us.

Morning Glories from my yard this week.

When we feel we don't have time to go fishing or take a nap, think about how easy it really is to clear a schedule if we really have to and make it happen.

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