Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Planner Equals Mid Year Boost

With fall and school time fast approaching, now's a great time to get a new 2010-2011 planner. Most planners/calendars in stores now will start with July 2010 and end with July 2011. Even if you have a planner with a few months left in it, you may find getting a new planner refreshing and just the kind of mid year boost you crave similar to what you feel around the New Year. Although I don't usually recommend not using up something before getting something new, this is one of the exceptions. Perhaps it is because after six plus months in my purse my planner is looking a little rough with coffee stains, water marks, and bent edges. Maybe your planner has a similar history? Either way, it currently makes my days and months ahead feel dull and uninspiring, which is why I went out looking for a new planner.

Sometimes we cram so much into our schedules that we feel overwhelmed and like we have no time for anything. Getting a fresh start and chance to re-write in our appointments, to dos, places to be, can help us prioritize and see if there might just be something we can take out and free up some space. With more space free we can add in a much needed vacation, an afternoon to our self, or a day to pick up that hobby we told ourselves last January we were going to do this year. Don't worry there is still time! We've got 5 months left in 2010 and with your new planner going through July 2011 you've got more months ahead to look forward to.

Curious what planner I chose?
At-A-Glance 2010-2011

LifeLinks "Perfect for Office and Home!"
(purple) also saw it in green and orange

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