Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Planting the Seed

Planting the seed of an idea is a step that I believe some us overlook the value of. For those of us that find the toughest part of taking on a new project or challenge is getting started in the first place, relishing in this small but important step can be just the thing we need.

What do I mean by all this? Doing one small thing to move in the direction of starting something brings you one step closer to completing it. Whether you come up with a new idea yourself or something has been looming on your plate for while now, give it a shot. I'll give some examples:

(This first one is very literal. It is the "seed" that got me thinking about this topic yesterday.)

1) I want to have a vegetable garden in my backyard and be able to pick fresh tomatoes to eat with basil and fresh mozzarella.
*The first thing I did after I got this thought was to decide where in my yard the best place to put it would be by watching the sun and seeing where the yard got the most light. This jump started the process and I've got my garden this summer!

2) I want to read more, but never seem to have the time.
*Decide to turn the TV off before bed and devote 30 minutes to a book or magazine.

3) A vacation would be great, but deciding where to go is holding me up.
*Spend 20 minutes looking at a site like AAA and get some ideas depending on your interests.

4) I want to exercise more, but am feeling un motivated.
*Put your workout clothes on right away in the morning or change right away when you get home from work. That way the first step is done before you can change your mind. (Getting a new pair of shoes or workout outfit can be an added boost)

5) I want to make delicious and healthy food for my family.
*Pin that recipe you found in a magazine that started this idea on your fridge as a reminder.

6) I want to re-decorate my bedroom.
*Stop by the home depot or Lowes on your lunch break or way home from work and pick out some paint samples.

7) I want to go out on a date, to dinner, or a movie with my husband but money is tight right now.
* Put a jar on your kitchen counter. Get in the habit of emptying any change or single dollar bills into it at the end of the day. Watch as your pennies turn into the next night out.

8) I want to vote in the upcoming election, but I don't know who's running and where to go.*Spend 15 minutes online by typing in your location and the word "voting" and see what pops up.

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