Friday, July 16, 2010

5 Simple House Plant Tips

Taking care of house plants can be a little like taking care of a pet. They take time, watering, occasional problem solving, and space in your home. But with a few pointers I think anybody can be successful and benefit from having a little live green around.

Here's what I've found:

1) Don't over water. Plants seem to do best when you let them struggle just a little. I've also heard that putting a plant next to another one helps them compete slightly, making them work harder to survive.

2) Let plants adjust to a new environment, such as when moving a plant to a different room, house location, or climate. Watch carefully for a few days or a week to see how a plant reacts. If it starts to wilt, lose leaves or act differently from what it did in it's old location try something new.

3) Talk to your plants. They like the air we breath out and it's suppose to lower our blood pressure. If your plant talks back, I'm not sure what to tell you.

4) Don't' forget to plan ahead if heading out of town. Water Before you go, water them and pull the curtains slightly to prevent your plants from drying out. If you plan on being gone for an extended time, call a plant sitter.

5) Start simple. If you're new to houseplants try these easier varieties: Philodendron(all varieties), Ivy, and Spider Plant (this one can actually clean and freshen the air)

My Massive Houseplant.
I use bamboo poles I found at the Dollar Store and Michael's Crafts to hold it up since it started to get really big. I also have transplanted it into another pot as it's grown.

My Kitchen Aloe Plant
Be creative with your containers. Here's one of my favorites using an old kettle.

My Bonsai

My Lucky Bamboo

My Kitchen Table Baby Tears Plant

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