Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Vacation Packing

Summertime is a great time for family vacations, which means a lot of time spent packing, unpacking, and repacking the car up for day trips, long weekends, or even week long getaways. No matter the length of your trip, a little planning can go a long ways to make it less stressful and allow you more time to relax.

Here are a few quick summer packing tips:

*First Aid/Sun/Bug Kit*
Take a large, clear, Zip lock bag and throw things like sunscreen, bug repellent, Bandaids, and aloe inside. It's easy to see the contents and movable from bag to car to picnic location or beach. Once you gather the items you won't have to do it again and you will know what you have so you don't end up buying more before you use up what you've got first.

*Beach Bag*
Have a pool or beach bag you keep flip flops, a beach towel, a book, sunglasses, hat, and reusable water bottle. When you wash your beach towel put it back in the bag for the next trip.

*Swimsuit/Dirty Laundry Bags*
Reuse plastic grocery bags for keeping wet swimsuits, towels, or dirty laundry separate from your clean clothes in your suitcase. Just stash a few in a corner of your bag and pull one out when you need it.

*Picnic Basket or Cooler*
Instead of driving through the drivethru, save money and pack some sandwiches, raw veggies, and fruit to replace at least one meal that you might have been having to eat out. A great time is to make a lunch for a road trip that you are leaving early in the morning for. Use frozen ice packs to keep your cooler cool. Put paper plates and a roll of paper towels in a picnic basket for multiple uses.

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