Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Photo Organization

I recently attended a workshop on photo organization and digital scrapbooking put on by Creative Memories. It inspired me to go through my photos, sort, purge, and make a decision about what I would like to do with my memories I've been saving.

In the past I have used Creative Memory products to scrapbook the 'old' way with fancy papers, stickers, and cutting tools, but now I would like to do it digitally, and here's why:

1) Most everyone uses digital cameras now and saves their photos on the computer. We aren't printing them off roles of film anymore.

2) Scrapbooking the old way is expensive, requires a lot of tools, and produces bulky books that need to be stored.

3) You can replicate books you create, reuse backgrounds and shapes, resize and edit pictures, print or simply save a project at anytime.

The products I'm getting to try and from what I've seen are terrific!

Memory Manager 3.0 Software (Helps Organize Your Digital Photos)

StoryBook Creator Plus 3.0 Software (For Creating Digital Projects With Your Photos)

Power Sort Box (Safe Container For Photos You've Printed)

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