Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I recently had a night to myself and decided to put in an old favorite DVD, "Amelie." I love this film for a lot of reasons. It's simply different from so many movies because of it's randomness, eccentricities, and light, feel-good nature. It's easy to watch and feel inspired to try a little harder to be a regular "do-gooder" just like Amelie.

For those of you who have never seen it, it's a French movie about a young women named Amelie who discovers a small tin box tucked away in the wall of her bathroom. Inside the box are small treasures a young boy has saved from years ago. She decides she will find a way to return this box to it's owner and if he is touched or moved in some way she will become a regular "do-gooder." So, the story unfolds and we see how random acts of kindness for others results in unexpected happiness and even love.

I wonder how our lives would be if we each tried doing "gooder" here and there in our daily lives? The opportunities seem endless. Not much to lose.

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