Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Revise your Schedule

This month is "revise your work schedule" month. Believe it or not, scheduling is one of my least favorite things to do. Come to think of it, I hear a lot of people don't care for it. I wonder why?

I guess it is because it requires us to think ahead and have to anticipate so many things in advance. It can be hard to make a commitment without knowing if something else will come up that you should do or would rather do instead. We sometimes feel like if we schedule it we are locked into something with no way out. It can also be hard to find time for everything we feel we must do, leaving very little time to do the things we want to do.

The thing that I've learned though is that if you don't schedule things it's hard to make adjustments when things come up because you lose track of what you were hoping to do on any given day. This is why I tend to even schedule things like my "todos" and workout routine plan. If something else comes up I know what I was planning on doing and can move it around to another spot. This works for me.

A few quick scheduling tidbits I like:

*Have only one calendar or planner
*Use pencil so you can have the option to make a change
*Allow a buffer of time between activities so that you don't feel rushed
*3 main goals or big things a day is usually enough for me.
-Example #1: Workout, Meet a friend, Work in evening
-Example #2: Work, Grocery shop, Make dinner
-Example #3: Work, Clean, Date Night
*If something works one week, try and repeat it the next
*Don't forget to schedule "me" time.
*Learn to say no.

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