Monday, May 3, 2010

Pretending to Move

Recently, I've been thinking how if someone pretends like they are moving they can get a lot of stuff done and organized. There's something about having to push yourself for a specific date that gets us moving faster in the right direction, pun intended.

When we move we have to group things together and are able to see what we've got which allows us to make a decision of whether we want to keep it or not. We think about it's value and whether or not it is worth the cost of moving it. Who wants to pack, move, and unpack something that they will later just get rid of at a new location? That will make for a lot of extra work and wasted time.

Even if you're not moving, having this mindset of pretending to move can help you have a fresh look at your belongings. It can help to de-clutter your spaces and make room for other things in your life. You might just even feel like you have moved as your home transforms itself.

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