Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Let the Sunshine in

No matter what the previous night was like or how I feel in the morning making the bed and opening the curtains is a great way to start a new day.

I think this habit and philosophy of thinking comes from my mother encouraging my sisters and I to do this everyday. The only days she let it slip is when we were really sick. I'm not talking like we have a little headache or sore throat, but bent over- can't stand up- kind of sick. She always says how having the curtains closed and everything shut up makes her feel like someone is sick, and doesn't help us when we need to get moving.

I tend to agree with this. Sunshine is really a great way to lift our spirits and get us out of a down mood. It feels great on our faces and makes us breathe a little more calmly. Opening the curtains is like a symbolic way to let us know that we are open and receptive to all things good for the coming day.

Making the bed is a side note. This simply helps give us a fresh surface to sit down and tie our shoes for the day, lay out clothes for ourselves and have a fresh bed to come home to that evening.

The great thing about it is that neither one of these things takes more than a minute to do.

So, get up, smooth out your sheets, throw open the curtains, and let the sunshine in!

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