Wednesday, May 26, 2010

House Guests

Everyone, at sometime or another, has had a house guest. Whether it's just a friend or two crashing on your couch or multiple families staying for a weekend it can be either a time of great fun, or down right chaotic.

I recently had my family up from Wisconsin to stay at our house: that's three families plus my husband and I, a total of three kids (two of which are two and under) and eight adults total. I have to say a few things I planned ahead of time seemed to make things run more smoothly and let me enjoy the weekend. Here are a few tips I have for house guests.

1) Find out when your guests plan to arrive and make sure you are available for a phone call if they get lost, are running late or will be early.

2) Talk about food arrangements in advance and any specifics that need to be picked up for snacks and meals.

3) Plan out where people will sleep and put their things so that when they arrive they can feel at home and know what space will temporarily be theirs.

4) Set out extra towels, an air mattress, pillows, blankets or sheets in case someone forgets theirs or needs one.

5) Don't plan too much. Keep in mind if your family has young children that families have to take breaks for nap times, snacks, and play. Trying to cram too much in will only leave everyone crabby.

6) Allow yourself time after your guests leave to return things back to normal and relax.

7) Thank guests with a phone call on their way home or ask them to call when they've returned to make sure they got there okay and thank them then.

8) Take note of what worked well and what could have been improved upon for next time.

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