Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Day, oh my!

Today is April 15th, also known as "tax day." For many it is a scramble to get it in and for most it is a huge relief to have it done.

Now the waiting starts as we hope for the best that we did everything right and will get a good return in a short while.

Now that you have freed up some space removing piles of paper related to your taxes it's a great time to make sure you have your files set up properly.

The only little tidbit of advice I have to day about filing systems is do what works for you.

Cascading Letter File Tote

Here is an awesome filing system. I just love! It comes from The Container Store, is portable as it folds up, and can be hung on a wall to display up to 6 different files. Although I don't use this particular one for taxes, it's great for keeping personal files separate from files like your taxes that you probably would rather have tucked away in a file cabinet.

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