Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stress is no joke

Tomorrow is the first of April. It's also April Fool's Day. I wonder what jokes I will play? One thing not to joke about is stress. So many of us think about all the bad food people can eat that will make them unhealthy, overweight, and have a shorter life expectancy, but fail to see how stress can be just as harmful. Because April is Stress Awareness Month, I think it's a great time to think about stress, how it creeps into my life, and how I am working on trying to decrease it. Here are two lists I've made up.

Causes of stress I have identified:
1) Being tired, hungry, sick or not exercising enough.
2) Family health problems and aging/transitioning parents and grandparents.
3) Money and Job concerns.
4) Negative News and Media coverage.
5) Increased Responsibility and Change.
6) Not managing time and a schedule properly.

Ways I am learning to deal with stress:
1) Get at least 8 hours of sleep.
2) Make sure to drink lots of water and carry snacks when I'm out and about.
3) Take multi-vitamins, eat healthy foods, and exercise as often as I can.
4) Get sunshine.
5) Focus on accomplishments.
6) Jot down a few favorite moments from the day before bed.
7) Turn the channel or read a different article when news bothers me.
8) look at change and more responsibility like an opportunity to learn something new.
9) Look at nature.
10) Take a some deep breaths.
11) Sing, dance, or do something funny.
12) Laugh.
13) Surround myself with positive people.
14) Plan something to look forward to or set a goal for myself.
15) Take a break and have a "me" day.
16) Have a no computer day.
17) Keep one planner for all of my daily and weekly tasks and appointments.
18) Have a morning routine to start the day.

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